As a fashion brand, we inevitably part take in an industry that is the second most polluting industry in the world, falling behind only to the oil industry. We belong to a generation where 20% of the world’s population uses 80% of the world’s natural resources. So what does this all spell out for us here at Stormie Dreams? It means that operating as a fashion brand that emphasizes progressive change, we strive to always do more in our part in reducing our carbon footprint and inspiring sustainable responsibility. 


How It Happens

Transparency is key.

Before Stormie Dreams was born, we operated as a full-package manufacturing company based in Los Angeles producing for notable brands. With 10 years of owning our manufacturing business, it's easy to guess that many of our employees are like family. We pride ourselves in designing and producing 100% of our garments in the USA where it will always remain. Creating job opportunities within our own community, providing fair wages typically above minimum wage and adhering to strict regulations is all part of sustaining our high ethical standards here at Stormie Dreams. 


The magic is in the fabric.



All of our fabric is sustainably sourced. Now we're sure you've heard this word used a lot but what does sourcing sustainably really mean? In our efforts to remain environmentally aware, we do not produce our own fabric from textile mills that usually dispose a lot of pollution into the environment. Instead we source fabrics and trims locally in Los Angeles that might have otherwise been destined to the landfills and give it a whole new life. The beauty of rescuing these fabrics and trims is that many are specialty fabrics that have traveled anywhere from Europe to Asia and end up becoming unique pieces in your closet! We like to keep a mindful eye on the water and ingredients used to dye some of our specialty dyed garments and use far less water than the industry standard by sourcing dye houses that adhere to strict sustainable practices. What's better? Through our zero-waste implementation, we use the leftover fabric to produce kids clothing that find their way to our partnered nonprofit organization, Santa Claus Inc. Fabric isn't the only thing that gets another go around here. Some of your fave styles are recycled too!...well they're given a chic makeover. Our designers and stylists scour hidden gems in the city to find discarded vintage patterns and repurpose them with a modern update that you can rock from season to season.


It's all in the details. 


It's often those little details in our everyday meanderings that we don't realize have a bigger impact than we think. Our approach in our sustainable practices is to always continue learning and improving our zero waste and sustainable efforts and policies. From office supplies to manufacturing materials and all the way to packaging, we like to keep a mindful eye on the environmental impact many of these "fine details" may have. Zero-waste means nothing gets left behind, even scraps have a purpose by being repurposed into children clothing that make their way to our non-profit partner, Santa Claus Inc. Nothing says "it's all in the details" like having every single Stormie Dreams piece cut and made to order. Our most recent sustainable endeavor has been the elimination of plastic poly bags from our packaging and opting to have your custom Stormie Dreams pieces travel in cute, reusable tote bags. Now you can feel even better about the way your clothing travels. From office recycling to using biodegradable materials, we are always on the hunt for opportunities and alternative green methods to reduce, reuse, and recycle all while making sure our carbon footprint is smaller each day.