In an industry that often gets a bad rap, we make it our personal mission here at Stormie Dreams to create something bigger than just a business. We seek to inspire change in the fashion industry. As we continue to proudly produce USA made fashion and uphold our sustainable practices, we will always strive to improve and empower the lives of others along the way. We have newly partnered with Santa Claus Inc. to donate an item of clothing for every single item of clothing purchased as well as donate surplus cut clothing pieces for their sewing department. 

together everyone achieves more


Human kindness knows no boundaries 

 A new season brings forth a new beginning and we couldn't be more excited to partner up with a non-profit that hits close to home...literally! The Santa Claus Inc. is a non-profit organization founded in our very own community, the San Bernardino County. Santa Claus Inc. was founded in 1952 by Mrs. Mignon Schweitzer who was concerned about the need for helping the less fortunate during the most popular season. The aftermath of the US economic downfall left profound damage to cities all across the United States and the San Bernardino County was no exception, making it one of the poorest counties in America. What began as a mission to help those in need in our own community during the holidays has spread into a year long service of rallying our community together to help one another out and move forward. Santa Claus Inc. now works yearlong, alongside other nonprofit programs to provide the necessities to struggling families who may not have the means to do so. Ran by the kindness of volunteers, Santa Claus Inc. has grown to be an enormously successful nonprofit organization that serves thousands of people all year long and we are honored to join the team and help those in our community by proving our available resources. For each purchase made, we will donate beautifully made, sustainable clothing AND surplus fabric that is dispensed during the cutting process to the volunteers of Santa Claus Inc.


It's All About Community

Santa Claus, Inc. has proven that human kindness knows no boundary.  Santa Claus, Inc. in 2015 provided new toys, quality new clothing,  new books, quilts, school supplies, and personal care kits for 15,015 underprivileged children. In addition, 85,682 children were helped through the thriving year round program "A Community Cares." Inspired through the joy of giving during the holiday season, Santa Claus Inc aims to make each parent feel as if they are really 'Christmas shopping' rather than receiving a direct offering from a charity by inviting parents to select their gifts with one of the volunteer personal shoppers for each of their children. Throughout the rest of the year the "Community Cares Program" works with other nonprofits, shelters, the County of San Bernardino HOPE (Homeless) program and many other community partners to provide essential needs for underprivileged children including clothing, toys, personal care items, shoes, backpacks, diapers, birthday bags, and numerous other items.  Locally hundreds of volunteers work together, lovingly preserving the dignity of approximately 30,000 parents, grandparents, or guardians to assist the 85,682 children under their care.


Stormie Dreams x Santa Claus Inc.

From surplus fabric to beautiful childrens clothing! With our available resources, we sent our friends over at Santa Claus Inc bundles of fabric that were constructed by the wonderful volunteers to gift to the children in our community.


A wise man once said "we make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give." This is a philosophy that drives our efforts in building something bigger than just a business. We believe in the power of helping others whenever possible. Before Stormie Dreams was born, we were a full-package manufacturing company producing clothing for top brands in Los Angeles. It was during this time that we experienced a rude awakening of the tons of waste that is associated with creating clothes. We realized that with the tons of leftover fabric that remained after cutting, we could use the remains to create kids clothing and as fate would have it, a community in need would provide yet another life changing opportunity. 

Using our available resources, we partnered with Santa Claus Inc. t to help supply clothing and resources  to the children in need within our very own community. Although the "one for one" model is often one of scrutiny, we also know that we have the power to give resources necessary for a salutary life for children who might otherwise not have the opportunity. Clothing that was surely destined for the landfills are given a whole new life and finds a new purpose within a child in need. These "donations" taken by Santa Claus Inc. assist the non-profit organization by providing necessary clothing to children living amongst the poorest counties in the United States who don't have access to the vital clothing needed to keep children clothed and safe. As we continue to grow, we are setting goals alongside Santa Claus Inc.  to provide surplus fabric and the necessary resources for constructing and sewing garments to the volunteers who construct and provide the clothing for the children. We realize that donations are only a temporary solution, but by providing new skills and resources to those within our community, we aim to empower by providing them the opportunity to create and lend a helping hand to those that need it and spread the power and magic that happens when we come together as a community and strive. Together we can #bethechange, and extend our helping hand to those in need and grow together.